Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team:

Founder: Michael Roy, PhD
Michael founded CREA in 2003. He is an accomplished conservation biologist and
earned a doctorate from London University in 1992. He has worked in academic
institutions in Europe and the United States before becoming a tenured senior
lecturer of zoology at Otago University in New Zealand. He has conducted biological
research on a wide variety of terrestrial and marine organisms and has generated
over 50 international research papers on conservation issues.

Board Member: Anton (Twan) Leenders, PhD
Twan is President of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, New York.
He has vast experience of working as a conservation scientist in both North and
South America. His passion for herpetology has made him the world’s expert on
Central American amphibians. Author of A Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of
Costa Rica and The Wildlife of Costa Rica – A Field Guide, a third guide to
Central American herpetofauna is due for release in 2016.

Director of Development: Anita Bair, MA
Anita obtained her BA in Spanish Language and Literature from University College
London and in 1986 her Master of Arts degree at the University of London’s Latin
American Institute, specializing in Anthropology, Archeology and Geography. A
qualified instructor in communication skills for professionals, Anita is equally
comfortable using her talents to promote CREA in high powered private sector fields
as well as with poor farmers in the Central America.

Board Member: Clay Bolt
Clay is an award winning natural history and conservation photographer whose
work and projects have been featured by the Nature Conservancy, Scientific
American, Outdoor Photographer, New Scientist and Audubon Magazine, among
others. Clay works for the World Wildlife Fund as an official photographer and
communications expert.