Rainforest Guardians

Become a Rainforest Guardian of Cocobolo Nature Reserve and adopt an acre for one year. It costs $50 and your contribution will help CREA protect this wildlife haven from illegal hunting, logging and burning.

Click here to make yourself or a loved one a Rainforest Guardian!

Corytophanes cristatus-4236-TwanLeenders

Because of our guardians we have been able to protect important top predators of the reserve such as pumas, jaguars and ocelots. Cocobolo Nature Reserve is now one of the foremost sites in the region harboring large populations of the large bird the Great Curassow. Your donations in the past helped us undertake a plant inventory and in so doing we found two very endangered species of plants that grow nowhere else but this area of central Panama. Their habitat is shrinking quickly around the reserve, making the preservation of Cocobolo Nature Reserve even more important.