GIS Platform for Cocobolo

GIS Platform for Cocobolo

Conservation Issue:
We know very little about how landscapes (geology, ecology and human intervention) interact to determine species distributions and how they affect ecosystem services. GIS promises to be able to help us understand biodiversity and conservation priorities from a landscape perspective and will help us forecast how change, such as climate change, will affect those patterns so that we can work towards adapting to those shifts before they happen. A recent study found Keel-billed Toucans living up to elevations of 1500m in Costa Rica due to higher temperatures

CREA’s Work:
CREA has developed a basic GIS base layer map for the Cocobolo Nature Reserve, however we are now embarking on adding greater detail. We have never been able to obtain a satellite image with enough resolution that is relevant to the Reserve and hence we intend to use drone technology to help us do this.

Warren Wilson College, Virginia Tech

SENACYT (closed), through private donations to CREA (donate here!).

See more about CREA’s conservation research on this page.