Overwintering Bird Migration Research

Overwintering Bird Migration Research

Conservation Issue:
Climate change and habitat loss are affecting bird populations worldwide, especially migratory species that depend on intact habitat and resources in different parts of the world. Climate change is affecting the timing of the presence of essential food (e.g. insect and fruit) for migratory species, hindering their ability to successfully migrate often thousands of miles across land and ocean.

CREA’s Work:
It is essential to monitor the state of bird populations to know if and which species are being affected. To do this CREA runs a bird banding station at Cocobolo and, in addition to recording resident species, records all migratory species visiting the reserve each winter. This project, called Monitoreo de Sobrevivencia Invernal in Spanish or MoSI, is international and bird stations throughout the Americas are participating. The data, when put together over time, helps us to understand how species are changing and which are most vulnerable and need attention.

Marvelwood School and Institute of Bird Populations.

This project is funded through private donations to CREA (donate here!)

Roy, M.S. and Doss, L.K. Building Migratory Bridges. The Science Teacher: Nov. 56-63 (2007)  Full Science Teacher article here (FUTURE LINK).

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