Virtual tour

Cocobolo Nature Reserve is an amazing place, but don’t take our word for it. See it for yourself!

While it’s hard to imagine what it feels like to be there, we’re currently developing a constellation of Google photospheres, also known as 360° panoramic photos, to help you explore Cocobolo and our field station infrastructures! These images were captured in January 2017 and can be seen in the Google Streetview app (Android or iOS) or directly on Google Maps and Google Earth. Give it a try! You can start your exploration of Cocobolo right here.

Here are a few sample photospheres to explore Cocobolo – you can look around by click-and-dragging the image and move around by clicking on the directional arrows:

The crystal-clear waters of Rio Mamoni mark the southern border of Cocobolo Nature Reserve. An amazing observation post to spot and photograph kingfishers and caimans!


Traditional wooden huts are spread across the gardens of Cocobolo. Most are sleeping areas, others are bathrooms with shower and toilets. All our huts have LED lighting.


Each sleeping hut has a small mezzanine and can accommodate between six and eight people. Each participant gets in single-occupancy tent for comfort and privacy.


Two bathroom huts are currently available. Each has three shower stalls, three sinks, two changing stalls and four composting toilets. Each has LED lighting, a mirror and bins.


The Bohio is the heart of our field station. This large thatched meeting hall is where we will conduct research, give lectures and take our meals. We have tables and chairs for up to 30 people, as well as a LED projector and power plugs for charging all your electronic devices and research equipment.


But the best part of of Cocobolo is not our field station, it’s the amazing ecosystems surrounding it, including crystal-clear streams teeming with rare and endangered species and the mysterious cloud forests home to sloths, toucans and the elusive jaguars…