High Schools

Involving school age children in environmental issues and preparing them for a changing world is key to their future and the sustainable future of the planet. CREA invites schools from the US and around the world to visit the Cocobolo Biological Field Station at the Cocobolo Nature Reserve in Panama. CREA’s academics work with school educators to develop a customized curriculum that converts what gets taught in the classroom into a real life experience for their students. We believe this has the potential to foster in students a strong foundation in responsibility and compassion and the ability to develop the self-confidence to become agents of social change. Contact us to discuss your trip.


“I have had the opportunity to travel with students to numerous countries in Central and South America. I had been searching for a location and organization to partner with where my students could engage in meaningful scientific research and interact with students from local communities. I have finally found the perfect partnership with CREA and have been visiting the Cocobolo Nature Reserve with my students for the past 8 years now.”

Laurie Doss, Science teacher, Marvelwood School, Connecticut, U.S.A.